Erasmus Masterclass Patient with organ failure


Erasmus Masterclass Patient with organ failure

After having had two Master Classes on the older patient, one on acute respiratory failure, one on the obese patient, and one on the (planned and unplanned) awake patient we hereby invite you to join our 6th Erasmus Master Class on Anesthesia and Perioperative Care. This year’s course will deal with another important topic: anesthesia and perioperative care for the patient with organ failure.

In the last decades the number of surgical procedures is raising every year. Furthermore, more and more older people are operated, whereas traditional contraindications lost their significance not only by the progress of surgical and anesthesiological techniques, but also by the expectations of the public. As a consequence anesthesiologists, internists, and ICU-doctors are confronted with and challenged by perioperative patients with one or more failing organ systems. Moreover, in our program we also address the topic of organ damage and protection by anesthesia/anesthetics, as well as the discussion about anesthesia in prematures and young infants.

Our panel of international experts experienced in these fields will cover and highlight all relevant aspects dealing with the perioperative patient with organ failure. Previous feedback assured us, that this year’s Master Class still will have no parallel sessions and no poster-presentations, in lieu thereof we will have two days of interactive lectures by selected and dedicated speakers. There will be sufficient time for discussion after the lectures and during the breaks.

Accreditatie is aangevraagd en/of toegekend door:

  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Anesthesiologie

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